If you’re like me you’ve already seen and heard a lot about next Tuesday’s elections. You’ve probably been hearing about it for months. Years even.

So you’re only going to hear from Brightest and I about it once, here, with a quick note to say: there’s still time.

1. There’s still time to vote – even register or vote absentee in many states.

2. There’s still time to get involved – in a set of elections that will hugely inform our lives, our children’s, and world history going forward, that will in some cases be decided by a few dozen or hundred votes.

3. There’s still time to make history – and, in particular, elect a historic (and historically diverse) number of women leaders to help guide our future.

The last two years have been heavy with division, racism, hate, Charlottesville, Kavanaugh, child detention, corruption, oligarchs, climate crisis, news fatigue, Brexit, Bolsonaro in Brazil, Pittsburgh…

We can turn this whole thing around in 7 days.

And if you don’t feel like your vote alone carries enough weight on November 6th, let your actions carry the weight for you.

there's still time
thank you

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