Marketing Event and Conference Speaker

As an entrepreneur, sustainability, and marketing executive with 8+ years of experience growing startups, building companies, and leading teams, I’ve spoken about communications, growth, and marketing strategy at events like TechweekForrester Research’s Marketing Leadership ForumContent Marketing World, LinkedIn’s Marketing Solutions Forum, and Percolate’s Transition Conference, as well as been a featured speaker at startup accelerators like General Assembly and NY Media Lab. Online, I’ve taught and lectured 13,000+ students on marketing, growth and brand management.

With every talk I give, I make it a point to contribute:

Real expertise. I’ve built teams, designed processes, integrated marketing technology, and taken startups with minimal inbound demand and grown them to 100,000’s of leads and millions of dollars in revenue. Whether it’s about teams, tactics, or big picture trends, I bring unique perspective and real-world problem-solving experience.

Energy and conviction.  Seen a lot of marketing, startup, or digital conferences where everyone is bored, tuned out, and checking email on their phone? So have I, it sucks, and it’s not my style. I personalize every presentation I give for the audience hearing and seeing it, have a unique lens on the latest trends in digital, communication, and culture, and I don’t recycle talks.

Actionable advice. The best way to create the brands we want to see in the world is to empower others with the experience to build them. Every time I speak I try to leave everyone in the audience with perspective and tips they can use to work smarter and better.

If you’re interested in having me as a speaker at your next event or conference, please get in touch here and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.