I regularly consult and advise companies and organizations of all sizes on strategy, digital marketing, product development, customer acquisition and demand generation, as well as how to organize people, technology, and processes in ways that help them move faster and set themselves apart from the competition.

I’ve already delivered proven results for leaders and culture-definers like:

museum of pizza
nameless network

Some of my specific areas of expertise include:

Growth, marketing, and digital strategy

From customer research and segmentation, message development, product positioning, and go-to-market planning through to campaign and channel strategy (and prioritization), I can help you chart an actionable roadmap to grow and win.

Field organizing and event programs

I’ve built and led national event and field programs, built and trained event teams, and organized community growth initiatives for venture-backed technology startups, Fortune 500 brands, and progressive political campaigns/organizations.

Marketing operations

Whether it’s strategic workflow planning, technology implementation (or integration work), or tactical training and playbook development, I help organizations design agile, adaptive and scalable operating practices in areas like marketing, demand generation, customer lifecycle management, lead routing, data enrichment, channel marketing, analytics reporting, asset management, and other core process areas.

Marketing technology

As a marketing technology purchaser, integrator, and engineer, I’ve personally built and advised on marketing technology stacks designed to:

  • Increase, manage and route customer acquisition and lead flow
  • Improve omnichannel or multi-channel visibility and collaboration
  • Connect disparate systems like CRM, marketing automation, CMS, DAMs, analytics and business intelligence (BI) tools, and data warehouses
  • Support data consistency, privacy, integrity and access by analytics and data science teams

Org design, hiring and team-building

I’ve built marketing and growth departments from the ground up, led teams and hired candidates across a diverse set of backgrounds, specialties, skills sets and geographies. I know what it takes to recruit, manage and inspire agile, high-performing teams.

My practice is based in NYC and Brooklyn, New York, with regular travel to LA, San Francisco, Boston, Washington D.C., London and other cities as needed.

If I can be helpful, please introduce yourself using the form below to schedule a free assessment meeting.

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