This is a resource center on how to start a startup or small business as a companion to my Skillshare class: “How to Start a Startup or Small Business the Right Way.” I’ve organized them by key functional section: (1) Legal and Corporate Structure, (2) Finance and Accounting, and (3) Operations. Go here for strategy resources. I only recommend products, services, and startup resources here that I’ve used personally.


Finance & Accounting

Brand and Marketing

  • Digital assets – video trailers, social media banners, printed materials (Fiverr)

HR, Recruiting, Talent Management, and Culture

Disclaimer: All resources on this page are provided and linked-to as is, and are for informational purposes only to use and rely on at your own discretion. Nothing provided here is offered as – or should be considered – legal or accounting advice. I’m providing these resources to be helpful based on my own experiences, but please use, verify, and consume at your own risk. When in doubt, please consult a lawyer, accountant, or subject-matter expert.